Condo for Sale in Windsor at Walden Woods

Walden Woods Homes for Sale

Walden Woods is a 153-acre planned Common Interest Community located off Marshal Phelps Road in Windsor, CT, consisting of 156 homes in a traditional New England motif.   An additional 180 homes at Country Walk has been completed, bringing the total number of homes to 336.

Amenities include a swimming pool, two tennis courts, hiking trails, and a meeting house used for community meetings and social events.

There are five types of homes in Walden Woods:  54 “Lot Homes”, generally between 2000 and 3000 square feet in size, are constructed on lots owned by the resident of each home.  72 “Village Homes”, 1400 – 2000 square feet in size, are constructed in areas known as common elements.  Village home ownership applies only from the outer perimeter of the foundation, roof and walls of the home and does not include the yard area that is part of the common elements.

Thirty colonial-style “Ridge” homes of approximately 2,000 square feet are also constructed in common element areas and, like the Village homes, ownership applies only to the home and not the yard.

The 180 duplex and town homes at Country Walk addition mark the fourth and fifth type of homes in Walden Woods.  As with Village homes, these homes are being built in common element areas, but ownership of the home are from the inner perimeter of the foundation, ceiling and walls.   The 92 Duplex homes  are 1700 – 2500 square feet in size and the 88 Townhomes are 1500 – 1800 square feet.

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There are important differences between the five types of homes affecting maintenance responsibilities and their associated service costs.

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