COVID-19 and Rocky Hill Real Estate

COVID-19 and local Real Estate

I work to be your trusted resource for local real estate information. I’d like to share my take on the effects of COVID-19 on Rocky Hill real estate.   For sale housing inventory levels were at historic lows before the virus. With the virus, inventory is even lower. Interest rates are at near historic lows, currently at around 3.5% which makes Buyers even more eager to “pull the trigger” and buy now.  People selling are discovering that Buyers are willing to pay a premium to lock in a purchase. So, it really is a win for everyone.   Pent-up Buyer demand will likely be the outcome when the virus situation levels out.  If you’re considering a move and want to discuss how to make that move in the most beneficial way possible for you to take advantage of the market, let’s talk.  Call me today.  And keep washing your hands!