Three True Stories of Real Estate Clients (Part 1)

Part I

Who wants to hear some good real estate stories?  In my 12 years as a Realtor®, I’ve run into many situations worth sharing with you, dear reader, with the hopes you find them informative and fun.

“Should I sell my home as is?”  Mr. G is a homeowner who got his condo back from a tenant and it was in a shambles.  He toyed with selling it as is and asked me to look at it and make a recommendation.  We walked through, tallying our estimate of how much of an investment it would take to make improvements.  I ran some scenarios of likely selling prices; with and without the improvements.  Part of his decision hinged on how long it would take to sell.  Better condition = Faster sale.  Mr. G opted to have some work done; paint, carpeting, and fixing some foggy windows.  The result?  The home sold in 17 days for 97.4% of list price.  Happy client!

Stay tuned for Part II next week!